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VISCOTAQ® offers unrivaled corrosion control and protection of substrates. Developed with guidance from leading oil and gas companies and through rigorous polymer engineering VISCOTAQ® is unbeatable in the field.

Stop itViscotaq

Viscotaq's unique molecular chemistry is designed to maintain permanent wetting characteristics, forcing the material to flow into the pores and anaomalies of the substrate. The elasticity of the product gives it the strength and feel of a solid yet always remains in a semi-solid state that provides high-impact strength and allows for a high resistance against sheering. Manufactured in the USA under ISO 9001.

  • Immediate adhesion - no primer required
  • Eliminates risk of Microbiological Induced Corrosion (MIC)
  • Impermeable to moisture and gases
  • Non-hazardous polyolefin compound
  • No cure time
  • Self healing
  • Never brittle
Uses for VISCOTAQ®
  • Corrosion prevention at pipelines
  • Soil to air transitions
  • Storage tank chimes
  • Above ground flanges
  • Casings
  • Girth welds
  • Pipe crossings

Product Line Up

EZ Wrap Seam Tape

  • 2", 4", 6", 8" x 24' rolls
  • Paintable backing, non-CP shielding for above and below ground substrates


  • 2", 4", 6", 8" X 33' ROLLS
  • Most commonly applied with Outerwrap for above and below ground substrates

EZ Paste - 10oz, 14oz and 30oz tubes, 4.5lb pail

ViscoPaste - 1.5 x 1.5 x 9' string

ViscoWrap HT Technical Specifications

Shelf Life: Unlimited
Water Vapor Permeability: <0.0050 g/m/2/24mmHg
, ASTM D1653-03
Water Absorbtion: 0.5% ASTM D570-98
Water Penetration: <.14%, 1800 Hrs, 6v, 3% NaCI, ASTM G9-87
Cathodic Disbondment: Self healing, ASTM Class 1, 30 days, ASTM G8, 74°F (23°C)
Hardness: 36 Shore A, ASTM D2240-04
Adhesive Strength: 5.3 N/cm, ASTM D1000
Operating Temperature Range: -43
°F to +160°F (-42°C to 71°C)

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