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STOP IT® is used to stop leaks in metal or plastic pipe, reinforce joints and form an anti-corrosion coating. STOP IT® is a fiberglass tape coated with polyurethane resins that are activated by immersion in water. Once activated, the STOP IT® will transform from a "wet" adhesive tape to a hard, machinable "urethane plastic." Included in each container of the "SYSTEM" is a plug of FIX STIX™ epoxy that should be used to plug leaks or cracks or to provide a smooth transition at offsets.

Where is STOP IT® used?

STOP IT® can be used anywhere there is pipe or rigid hose. Maintenance personnel in chemical industries, oil refining and production, processing plants, bottling facilities, pulp and paper mills, utility companies, wet and dry mining, building maintenance, military and marine operations have all used STOP IT®. In addition, hazardous materials response teams use STOP IT® for emergency spill control.

What types of repairs are made with STOP IT®?

STOP IT® is used to repair steam lines, chemical lines, water lines and process lines. STOP IT® may also be used on pneumatic, LP gas and Freon lines as well. STOP IT® may be used with most chemicals that are compatible with epoxy. The end user should determine the suitability of STOP IT® for their particular application.


STOP IT® is so easy to apply, its directions could be as simple as, "Dip it, wrap it and rub it!" STOP IT® is a hand-applied product, and the only tool required is a rasp or file to rough score the pipe or hose surface. STOP IT® bonds through adhesion as well as the mechanical bond resulting from the tension of the wrap. Proper surface preparation is key to promoting a better foundation for the repair. The FIX STIX™ epoxy provided in each kit should be used in conjunction with the STOP IT®. After mixing the inner and outer cores until they become uniform in colour, the FIX STIX™ may be used as a fill material for holes and cracks. The FIX STIX™ can also be used to create a smooth transition at offsets or joints (the FIX STIX™ would be formed into a long rope, wrapped around the offset or joint and pressed into place before wrapping the STOP IT® over the leak site). Wearing the gloves, the roll of STOP IT® is immersed in water for 3-5 seconds (squeezing it a few times to get it good and saturated) and wrapped as tightly as possible where needed. Remember the material is very conformable and can be used to address leaks or cracks in crosses, tees or elbows. After wrapping the STOP IT®, re-wet your hands and begin to compress the resins back into the fiberglass material. Maintain the polishing action until the resins harden to the touch and all bubbling ceases. There will be a slight exotherm to the repair that is part of the chemical process and is quite normal. The heat generated is minimal and will not damage plastic pipe or harm the applicator. Wait the 30 minutes needed for the STOP IT® to fully cure before re-pressuring the line.

Can STOP IT® PIPE REPAIR SYSTEM be used to address active leaks?

Yes. It is important to realize that any drip or stream from the leak will cut through STOP IT®'s resins before they have the chance to setup and harden. If there isn't the time to wait to allow the pipe to completely drain, but the line pressure has been reduced (by diverting some of the flow by opening valves or by shutting the flow entirely) to 15-20 psi which might represent remaining line or head pressure, the active leak application technique may be attempted. A quick rule of "thumb" is to try to stop the leak by pressing your thumb or finger on the leak. If the pipe pressure doesn't build and you are able to keep your thumb on the pipe, then there is a good chance you will succeed using this technique. Put on the gloves and activate the FIX STIX™ epoxy. Put the epoxy aside and open the pouch of STOP IT®. Take a part of the activated plug and press it into the material at a place about 1 - 1.5" from the end of the tape. Use your thumb to press the epoxy into the fiberglass until you see it protrude on the other side of the tape. Pat the epoxy until it is smooth and in full contact with the STOP IT® material. Immerse the roll into water and activate in normal fashion. Centre the epoxy plug over the hole and cinch the material over the active leak by wrapping the STOP IT® a few times and pulling firmly. Keep wrapping, and if by chance you "miss" the leak, apply some more of the FIX STIX™ on the leak (over the few plies of STOP IT® already on the pipe) and finish wrapping, pulling smoothly and firmly throughout the application process. You should notice the leaking has stopped, and that the final stages of wrapping are performed without any signs of an active leak. Polish the resins as normal and wait the allotted time before re-pressuring the line.

How difficult is it to apply STOP IT®?

STOP IT® is much easier to use than most adhesive and epoxy products because there is no mixing. After activating STOP IT®'s resins in water, wrap the fiberglass material around the leak site and polish the resins until they form a smooth, hard cap. The keys to obtaining a good application are properly preparing the pipe, quickly applying the roll by pulling the STOP IT® tightly around the leak, and hand polishing the product until a smooth, shiny cap is formed. (Reading and following the instructions (included in each kit) and/or reviewing the readily-available, instructional video will assist the user in obtaining a successful repair.)

What are STOP IT®'s set-time and cure time?

STOP IT®'s resins set-up in three to four minutes. The cure time for a 1/2" thick application is about 30 minutes at 75°F.

Does temperature affect STOP IT®'s set-time?

Yes. The resins in STOP IT® are extremely temperature sensitive. When working in a hot environment, you can immerse the unopened pouch of STOP IT® in a cool water bath to slow down the resins' set-time. Conversely, in a cold environment, using a heat gun or some other source of warmth near the STOP IT® application will speed the set-time. STOP IT® is fully cured in 30 minutes under normal conditions.

Do I need to wear the gloves included in every kit?

Yes, the gloves are provided for easy clean up after the repair has been completed. STOP IT®'s resins are not harmfu l- they are a strong adhesive and will not wash off, and it takes about 2-3 days for them to wear off. During the polishing process you are compressing the resins back into the fiberglass material and without wearing the gloves, you will be forcing the resins into your skin as well. Any foam that falls onto your skin or clothing should be allowed to completely expand and set. These non-compressed resin "pieces" should peel off rather easily.

What are the temperature limits of STOP IT®?

STOP IT® may be used on hot lines. The material should be applied when the pipe is at ambient temperature, and normal directions should be followed. At temperatures above 250°F, thermal decomposition may occur over an indeterminable period of time. The working life of the repair depends on temperature, thickness of application and individual application technique. STOP IT® should not be used in applications where the substrate is over 500°F. STOP IT® has good flexural strength and can withstand some expansion and contraction resulting from temperature fluctuations.

What is STOP IT®'s shelf life?

STOP IT®'s shelf life is two years from date of purchase.

What makes STOP IT® so effective?

While STOP IT® can be used on straight runs of pipe, its conformability makes it especially useful for repairing leaks at joints, crosses, tees, or any other location. STOP IT®'s knitted fiberglass tape allows it to be twisted, turned and manoeuvred as it is being applied. STOP IT® not only bonds because of its adhesive properties, but also because of the mechanics involved in the tight wrapping of the product. These properties enable STOP IT® to form an effective repair on hard-to-stick-to pipe surfaces such as tight rust and properly rough-scored polyethylene, polypropylene, PVDF and nylon. STOP IT® is not like the fiberglass "patch" products that are available. In addition to its conformability, STOP IT®'s heavy resin load enables it to finish out beautifully-creating a strong, homogenous repair.

Why should STOP IT® be used instead of more traditional repair methods?

It is not always feasible or practical to replace pipe-especially in cases where downtime means lost revenue. STOP IT® not only stops a leak; it also provides structural reinforcement to the repair site. In the case of badly corroded metal piping, STOP IT® can repair a leak without causing stress (by replacing the pipe) to neighbouring fittings. STOP IT® is often used to rebuild thin-wall, corroded steel pipe. Covering plastic pipefittings with STOP IT® can provide over 2,000 pounds of additional pullout strength. The industrial, environmental and governmental regulations that are in place make quick response to a leak extremely important. STOP IT®'s quick cure, conformability, chemical resistance and ability to make a repair in an explosive environment (no hot work is required) have made it an attractive alternative for maintenance personnel in all types of industry for over a decade.

Is my STOP IT® repair permanent?

If the repair site is kept within STOP IT®'s pressure and temperature limits, the repair could be considered permanent. STOP IT® can be buried underground, or remain under salt or fresh water. Another factor in the decision about whether or not the repair would be considered "permanent" is the maintenance procedure policies of the facility where the repair is being made.

Is STOP IT® affected by exposure to UV?

STOP IT®'s white formula will slowly turn brown when exposed to UV. This colour change does not affect the performance of the repair, and does not penetrate past the surface of the urethane cap. The brown colour can be circumvented by lightly sanding the STOP IT® after it has cured and painting it. STOP IT® in its black formulation has shown no signs of discoloration after two years in direct sun.

How much STOP IT® is needed to stop a leak?

Refer to our Product Selection Guide charts for 2"x4' STOP IT® and for 2"x12'/4"x12' STOP IT®.

All statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are based on information and tests we believe to be reliable. The accuracy or completeness thereof are not guaranteed. Since STOP IT® is a hand-applied product, results will vary with the expertise of the product's applicator. Recommendations regarding the number of rolls needed, and STOP IT®'s pressure retention capabilities assume the applicator has some experience with applying STOP IT® PIPE REPAIR SYSTEM. Since conditions of use are outside our control, the purchaser should determine the suitability of the product for his/her intended use and assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.



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