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Stop it pipe repair products STOP IT® Pipe Repair System

STOP IT® Pipe Repair System is ideal for repairing pipe leaks, reinforcing pipe joints, rebuilding thinning pipe walls and corrosion proofing - in virtually any situation, even underwater! It fully cures to a hard, durable repair in 30 minutes. It can be used for permanent repair to pipes or to extend the service life of piping.

Stop it pipe repair system
Stop it pipe repair system
Stop it pipe repair system

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The STOP IT® Pipe Repair System includes a strong knitted fiberglass tape coated with fast setting urethane resins that are water-activated. The system also includes FIX STIX ™, a steel-filled moldable epoxy that sests rock hard in only 20 minutes. It is perfect for plugging leaks, filling cracks and complex voids and offsets at couplings and fittings.

Using the STOP IT® urethane rich fiberglass tape in combination with FIX STIX™ greatly increases repair capacity. One person, with no special tools and no hot work can apply this quick in-field repair system in minutes.


Stop it pipe repair systemThe tape is supplied in its own tub in a hermetically secured pouch with the resin already impregnated, a pair of rubber globes and a plug of epoxy putting, along with an instruction manual showing step by step application of the tape. All that is required for the tape to work is to dunk it in water for 5 seconds, as the water is the catalyst required to activate the resin.


In most of the manufacturing industries STOP IT® Repair Tape is used as a temporary repair until the shutdown maintenance period arrives. In some cases, however, the product has been left as permanent. For the water industry, knowing of its leakage problems, Stop-it can be used as a permanent repair, depending on the engineer in charge.

Whether you are repairing a chemical process line or any other critical pipeline, the STOP IT® Pipe Repair System is your money saving ally in the battle against lost production costs in common situations. Under certain conditions an active gravity-flow leak (about 15 psi or less) from a pinhole may be repaired without shutting down.


Leaking pipe Measure the leak Plug using Fix Stix 20 minute epoxy Seal pipe with repair tape Seal pipe with repair tape Seal pipe with repair tape Seal pipe with repair tape Pipe is repaired
Easy step-by-step instructions on how to seal a leaking pipe using Stop-it Repair Tape

The tape is supplied in 3 different roll sizes:


2" wide x 4' long (5.08cm x 1.2m)

2" wide x 12' long (5.08cm x 3.6m

4" wide x 12' long (10.16cm x 3.6m)
4" wide x 25' long )10.16cm x 7.62m)

The STOP IT® Pipe Repair Tape combined with FIX STIX™ epoxy is generally compatible with a wide range of chemicals and may be used with any type of plastic or metal piping containing: hydrocarbons including petrochemicals, fuels, solvents, gases; acids; bases; water; slurries; steam; organics; salts.


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