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Stop it pipe repair products

Norab are providers in Aberdeen and north east Scotland of Indumar STOP IT® products which are used to repair and reinforce industrial and domestic metal or plastic pipes in virtually any situation, even underwater!. We have been using Indumar products since 1986 because they are so effective at repairing broken pipes, restoring product flow and profit flow in minutes and can also prevent environmental contamination.

Products in the range are:

  • STOP IT® Pipe Repair System
  • Fix Stix 20 minute epoxy
  • STOP IT® Pipe Repair Clamp
  • STOP IT® Emergency Leak Control Kits
Stop-it Repair Tape

The STOP IT® Pipe Repair System works on any metal or plastic pipe including, steel, copper, aluminium, galvanised black iron, stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, fibreglass, polyethylene, polypropylene and even PVDF.

The STOP IT® Repair Tape was put through very rugged tests at HMS Excellent and was passed for MOD use as a damage control pipe repair tape. It is now in service on board royal naval vessels. It is also used in the Petro Chemical and Utilities industries where all refinery hazard materials teams carry our product in their maintenance kits. It is also used by major oil companies in the offshore oil industry for repairs above and below the water line.

The tape was also tested by Thames Water Board WRAS and the DWI for Rule 25, use on potable water lines. Having achieved the test criteria we are confident that our product can be of serviceStop-it Pipe Repair System to the utilities industry in various areas.

We are all aware of the shortage of qualified plumbers in the utilities industry and with ease of use our product, which does not require a qualified person to apply it, can only be beneficial.


The tape is supplied in its own tub in a hermetically secured pouch with the resin already impregnated, a pair of rubber gloves and a plug of epoxy putty, along with an instruction manual showing step-by-step application for the tape. For the tape to work it should simply be dunked in water for 5 seconds, as water is the catalyst required to activate the resin.


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